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A few pics from the February meeting in Kalispell.

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This week we are praying for the Whitefish congregation.

The congregation’s motto is: “Located at the corner where church and life intersect”. And they use many creative ways to give that life. The church is located on a corner in downtown Whitefish. The congregation is often outside on their corner serving free hot chocolate, water or lemonade to their community during downtown events.

They recently hosted their annual flower sale to raise money for four local mission projects.

The congregation is served by their pastor Tim Dalstrom and clerk Frank Leftwich.

You can learn more about this wonderful congregation at

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Presbytery Retreat at Sunrise Church in Great Falls
June 11 & 12
Theme: Creating a Culture of Generosity
Keynote Speakers: Rob Hagen from the Presbyterian Foundation and Corey Schlosser-Hall, Presbytery Exec from Northwest Coast Presbytery.

This will be another exciting, informative, enriching Presbytery Retreat. You will learn about creating a culture of generosity in our congregations, families and in us personally. You will take home resources you can use with your congregation and session. And you will also have the opportunity to meet Missionaries, Barry and Shelly Dawson who serve in Southeast Asia.

The fee is just $20, which includes all materials and meals.

You can register by calling or emailing Marsha. 871-2135,

If needed, you may want to get your hotel reservation soon. There is another big event in GF that weekend. Here are a few places to consider:
  • Super 8, 1214 13th St S., 866-925-4159 current rate $75
  • Great Falls Inn by Riversage, 1400 28th St. S., 866-539-9234, current rate: $96
  • Comfort Inn, 1120 9th St S., 866-573-4235, current rate: $107
  • Best Western Inn, 1700 Fox Farm Road, 866-767-0278, current rate: $135
  • If you have a camper, the church may allow you to set up in the parking lot, call 453-2031
Map Showing Motels


SanFrancisco Theological Seminary Seminars June 26-28. Formations of Cristianity in the Real World

In this class, taught by Rev. Dr. Chris Ocker, we’ll learn about the five formative moments in the history of Christianity: the early church, the Middle Ages, the Reformation, the nineteenth century, and the late twentieth century. We’ll also learn how the events and conflicts of these five periods have helped shape Christianity today.

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