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Bringing Together Congregations, Sessions,
Pastors and Leaders to Model Christ

Our 18 Congregations Welcome You!

Presbytery Design

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We hope you will join us in an intensive year of prayer for our presbyterys congregations and pastors.

This week we are praying for Glacier Presbyterys Advocate for Leadership/Education, Elaine Hundley.

The advocate for Leadership /Education is the contact person for the Ministry Cabinet, committees and congregations to facilitate the communication/coordination/promotion of leadership and educational opportunities that foster the growth of faith, leadership abilities and historical knowledge of the PC(USA). The Advocate serves on the Ministry Cabinet.

Please keep Elaine and this important ministry in your prayers.

A few pics from the October meeting in Hamilton.

More pictures on the Video & Slideshow Page

Next Presbytery Meeting:
June 27 & 28 at Harlem
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Presbytery Meeting/Retreat Packet

June 27-28 in Harlem. Click here for the packet.
The upcoming retreat is going to be a spectacular event! Darrell Guder and Shane Berg from Princeton Theological Seminary will be our retreat leaders. They will help us learn how we can be more missional- how we can be more fully Christs apostles in our congregations and communities.
We are SO fortunate to have Darrell and Shanes leadership! Its an amazing opportunity! You do NOT want to miss this one! Spread the word!
We'll also get to learn more about Native American prayer and spirituality.
AND well have a wonderful worship on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning with the Harlem congregation.
Goodness! What a great time for worship, learning and fellowship!
I hope you can attend! It would be so wonderful to see you all.

The Summer Seminar(formerly known as the Lanham Series)
July 12 to 14. Glacier Presbyterian Center
Who Do You Say I Am? The Bible And Its Witness To Jesus The Christ
There is also a link on the Glacier Presbyterian Center page.

San Francisco Theological Seminary Symposium
July 14 – 16. Glacier Presbyterian Center
Jana Childers from SFTS will be our workshop leader. Jana is an exciting and engaging leader. She’ll be leading us in discussion and growth around worship and sacraments.
SFTS President, Jim McDonald will be with us for both events.
Contact Marsha to register. (information in brochure)

WNLT September 30 – October 3, 2015
Sparking Imagination In The Mountains
Estes Park, Colorado
Plenary Sessions and Worship with Dr. Marcia McFee