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Presbytery Design

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We hope you will join us in an intensive year of prayer for our presbyterys congregations and pastors.

This week we are praying for Glacier Presbytery’s Ministry Cabinet.

The Cabinet serves in a leadership capacity for the presbytery and has ten members which include the moderator of each standing committee as well as at-large members and advocates for leadership/education and Mission. They have a multitude of duties including setting the direction for the presbytery retreat/meetings, deciding on church property matters, coordinating between the various committees and providing strategic direction for the presbytery.

Members of the Cabinet are: Glenn Burfiend (At-large), Jon Draskovic (Moderator), Kurt Fagenstrom(Moderator of Presbytery), Mary Fagenstrom (PW Moderator), Carolyn Heinz (Camp Board), Elaine Hundley (Leadership/Education Advocate), Steve Hundley (Moderator of Nominating Committee), Peggie Oury (COM), Risa Paul (Mission Advocate) and Scott Wipperman (At-large).
Please keep the Ministry Cabinet and its members in your prayers this week.

A few pics from the June meeting in Harlem.

More pictures on the Video & Slideshow Page

Next Presbytery Meeting:
October 24 & 25 at Polson
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Presbyterian Women Fall Retreat

Summer 2015 Glacier Greetings is out. In it is much information, as well as details about the retreat.

You can register on the PW page or print the newsletter and register by mail. Click 'Presbyterian Women' on the Missions menu Or Click Here

WNLT September 30 – October 3, 2015
Sparking Imagination In The Mountains
Estes Park, Colorado
Plenary Sessions and Worship with Dr. Marcia McFee