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For the next few weeks we’ll be praying for the people who volunteer their time and wisdom to serve our presbytery.

This week we are praying for our Committee on Ministry (COM).

This group of hard-working people! And they have many ministries, some of which are:

• To serve as pastor and counselor to pastors.

• To facilitate the relationships between congregations, teaching elders, commissioned ruling elders and to settle difficulties in those relationships.

• To guide and supervise those who are seeking to become a pastor.

• To examine and welcome pastors who come into Glacier Presbytery.

As you can tell their ministry is often complex and sometimes challenging!

The membership of the COM is always balanced between Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders. The current members are: Peggie Oury (moderator), Dave Anson, Courtney Arntzen, Tim Dalstrom, Dave Dobbs, Sherry Edwards, Kim Fleming, Steve Hundley, Tim Lanham, Rose Leavitt, Don Patterson, Hap Peters.

Please keep these wonderful people and their important ministries in your prayers.

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Presbyterian Women of Glacier Presbytery Fall Retreat
August 19-21, 2016
Glacier Presbyterian Center

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