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Presbytery Design

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This week we are praying for those who are hungry, for those who don’t know when they’ll eat next, for those who watch the celebration of Thanksgiving with longing and desperation.

May God help us to be the presence of Jesus to these people whether they are in our families, congregations, communities or far away in another country. May God help us to see our abundance and to freely and joyfully share.

A few pics from the October meeting in Polson.

More pictures on the Video & Slideshow Page

Next Presbytery Meeting:
February 27 & 28 at Kalispell
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Best Of The Presbytery Retreat/Meeting

WNLT September 30 – October 3, 2015
Sparking Imagination In The Mountains
Estes Park, Colorado
Plenary Sessions and Worship with Dr. Marcia McFee